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Project title : Beyound the veil


The set of pictures that I have taken are a critique of the perception individuals have regarding the headscarf. The mask placed over the models face is aimed at directing the viewer’s attention to the background detail. The viewer’s perception of the model is, therefore, conditioned by more than just a single factor (for example, the face). The text on the masks – by Immanuel Kant – allows the viewer to connect more deeply with the images. Instead of viewing a ‘girl with a headscarf’, the quotes will allow for a proper contemplation of ethics to accompany the perception. This will invert the prejudice loaded initial gaze. When we think of a headscarf we immediately entertain the notion of absence. That is, a headscarf removes any vestiges of personality. Nonetheless, through choosing different and brightly coloured headscarfs for each picture, I attempt to make the viewer challenge their a priori judgements. The changing background and accessories on the model are aimed to emphasize that we can know a lot more than we assume from mundane details – which are usually ignored. The images are challenging the viewer to look, feel and think; gaze beyond the veil.

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