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Saudi Artist Based both in the UK and KSA



Nasreen Shaikh Jamal Al-Lail is the founder of Variant Space an art collective that creates a place where Muslim women can express their experiences artistically. Nasreen’s background in Photography (BA) and Photographic Studies (MA) have given her the ability to interact with the fields in-depth. Her work has been exhibited in England and Saudi Arabia; it focuses on themes of self-identity and the concept of ‘flux’ in a globalised world. The ideas of culture, gender, religion and politics are interlaced subtly in her work. For Nasreen, it is about giving access to the collective unconscious, memories and ‘selves’ as seen through the lens of her subjective/objective gaze. Ultimately, Nasreen sees her as a way of life in art, not just a snapshot of a distant thought or endeavour. Her work forces us to ask: who am I and what can I become?